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At Remember the Dreamers, we’re working to focus Congress on finding a legislative solution for Dreamers and DACA recipients. While we wait for lawmakers to act, Dreamers need our support. Working together, the higher education community plays a vital role in both advocating for and assisting these young people, many of whom are students on our campuses.

Who is DACA?​

0 .3M
DACA eligible

Source: FWD.us

0 K
currently hold DACA status

Source: USCIS

average age of DACA recipients

Source: USCIS

Education & Employment

0 K
Dreamers graduate from high school each year
0 %
DACA recipients are enrolled in school or college

Support for DACA

0 %
Americans support Congress protecting Dreamers

Source: CNN

0 +
business and industry leaders actively support a permanent legislative solution

Remember the Dreamers Partner Organizations

The Remember the Dreamers website was created by institutions of higher education, major higher education associations, and allies in the fight to support our Dreamers. including:


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